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Music producer/DJ | realtime Audio-Visual composer and performer | Visual Digital Artist

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Latest Release

Love - Daughter ( sér remix)




Sér is a music Producer/Dj | realtime Audio-Visual composer & performer based in Dubai. She expresses her inspiration by tapping into the multi-genre music and art world. She explores and experiments with Surrealist, organic sounds and textures in the form of Downtempo/Electronica music. Her pieces communicate emotional, social and cultural concepts that are prominent in her journey of self-discovery. The art of communication is what inspires her work and is the reason behind her executions.

She also is an Assistant professor in Digital Media holding a BFA in Visual Communication from the American University in Dubai and a Master’s Degree in Music Production, Technology and Innovation from Berklee College of Music. She also is one of the ambassadors of Berklee College of Music in Dubai. Her area of expertise is in Music Production, DJ, real time audio and visual composer and performer.

She’s worked and performed in gigs with well known artists as a DJ and a VJ all over the city of Valencia, Spain. She was given an Advanced Contemporary Artist Award in 2018 by Berklee leaders for her thesis presented as an audio-visual installation and performance all over the city of Valencia and was selected to present her work via the social media channels of the International Music Summit(IMS) which took place in Ibiza,Spain. Sér's passion and work was also recognized as a great art director and innovative audio-visual producer by visiting guests in Berklee Valencia such as, Nona Hendryx, Patrice Rushen and Katrina Becic.

In 2021, Ser performed her original visual work as a VJ at Expo Dubai 2022 for a live set event of 2 hours at the Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre. In March 2022 her audio-visual piece "All of your Pieces" was selected to be presented in the Digital Exhibition section of Art Dubai. In May 2022, "Aether", audio visual piece, was selected as one of the open call winners to be projected and exhibited at the Theatre of Digital Arts (ToDA) in Madinat Jumerah Souk, Dubai, United Arab Emirates for 3 months. These 2 selected pieces are also minted as NFTs on Materia and Foundation for sale by the exhibitors.

All of her visual and audio work are innovatively produced, created, designed, performed and executed digitally through technology tools. Her music is released on more than 50 popular online stores and streaming services such as; iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Anghami and many more and is continuing to release more of her music as well as performances and installations.

Audio Equipment


Inspiration is the main fuel of conceptualization

Every art has a subject and a purpose

There is always something to say

Creativity begins at the start of a thought and emotion


Dent in the Crystal

EP album

November 2019



sér uses technology as one of her main tools of production; a great tool to be taken advantage of. But she questions; are we only using technology as a tool? Or are we dependent on it? When it comes to music/art making, who is the creator of your work? Is it pure love and passion? Or is it the program? Who or what is the reflection of your work? Is it both? If so, can you differentiate between the two? What happens to us as artists if we eliminate the program?This project reflects her process of thoughts and emotions towards these thoughts. A reflection of her process of creating art and music out of the program and through an experience which was delivered and presented in a showcase through an audio-visual installation. "Dent in the Crystal" is influenced by experimental & electronic music and visuals that are influenced by surrealism, minimalism, abstract , dada-ism and neo-realism.

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