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Berklee College of Music | International Music Summit

Thesis Project "We're Not There."

Selected to present "We're Not There" a part of thesis project "Dent in The Crystal" via the social media channels of the International Music Summit (IMS), which took place in Ibiza, Spain, on May 23 until

May 25 2018. 

"Dent in The Crystal"  an audio-visual installation project also exhibited at Berklee After-Works Cumulative Experience Show at Club Toscallar, Valencia, Spain and was given an Advanced Contemporary Artist Award by the Berklee committee. 

Visuals made in this project was also used and performed in live VJ set and music gig at Sala Russafa,Valencia, Spain with artist "La Chica." 


VJ Expo Performance

Urban Jam | Expo 2020

VJ Performance & Content Creation

2 hours live performance on moving and mixing visuals, modulating visual effects and synchronizing to event's music and lights in real time. 

Among these visuals were 10 original designed digital art pieces for the event at the Expo 2020 Millennium Amphitheatre.

November 1st 2021


Campus Art Dubai Digital - C.A.D 9.0 Blockchain Edition

Exhibition of  NFT “All of Your Pieces”

A fully produced Audio-Visual NFT that exhibited at the Art Dubai Digital 2022 for 3 days. "All of Your Pieces" is also exhibiting and is minted on Materia's platform, a high end contemporary art platform on Blockcahin.

Shared my process on creating this NFT as well as my journey as an Artist in dubai on the panel with Materia at Art Dubai.

March 10th-15th 2022


Theatre of Digital Art in Dubai | Open call winner for Digital Extravaganza Exhibition

Projected Exhibition of  NFT “Aether”

May 13th - August 31st 2022

A fully produced Audio-Visual NFT selected as one of the 10 winners to exhibit at ToDA Extravaganza Exhibition's projected space. "Aether" is available in the Metaverse made by Airhead and minted on Foundation.


The Metaverse is accessible through Chrome browser on a laptop (the app is too heavy for smartphones.)

Wander around and share your screenshots on social media.

Have fun! 


Bukhash Brothers

Guest Speaker for Agora Sessions

Invited as a guest speaker for one of Bukhash Brothers' Agora Session focusing on the topic of Music Production. A 2 hour Instagram live lecture on answering list of questions and sharing my process, inspiration, conceptualization, execution and performance as a Music Producer. Session presented behind the scenes of certain released and unreleased music projects.

June 23rd 2022


July 17th 2022

UAE AI Summer Camp 4th Edition

Guest Lecturer  on The Language of Audio & Visual in NFTS 

Invited as a guest lecturer to host a workshop on "The Language of Audio Visual NFT" at the Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA). Event was powered by Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications Office (UAE), Coders HQ AI, and the UAE AI. Topics range from the creative process in NFTs, basic music and design principles, the importance of understanding the idea and creation behind them and the NFT market for artists.


July 18th 2022

Creative Lab | twofour54 & Berklee

Mentor of the Jingle Production Workshop in Berklee Abu Dhabi

In the session attendees of 25 kids (age 9-12) learned the basic of making music for advertising and commercial use. The session included a hands on activity that culminate in creation of a jingle.  By the end of session participants gained practical knowledge on:

-What is a Jingle.

-The characteristics of an effective Jingle.

-The basics of creating a Jingle on a Digital Audio Workstation.